How to learn English using this website.

1. First, try our speaking exercises to perfect your pronunciation.

2. Use Google translate to listen to any word you want. Type in the word you want to hear, then click the loudspeaker symbol.

3. Use phrases to make your English more natural with our Phrases for fun page.

4. Watch the TV channels on the television page.

5. Have a look at our grammar pages.

6. Read a lot. You can read Simple English Wikipedia or News in Levels.
When you find a new word, look up its meaning in a dictionary.
Next say the word out loud twenty times. This will help you remember that word.
You need to know about 5,000 words to speak English well.
You need to know about 20,000 words to speak English like a native speaker.
Test your vocabulary here.

7. If you have any questions you can contact us here

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