Quiz on determiners and articles.

Choose the correct missing word in each sentence.

Q1. ___ cat sat on the mat.

Q2. _____ day is different.

Q3.___ people are shorter
than two metres.

Q4.My house has ____ bedrooms.

Q5.___ hour is sixty minutes long.

Q6.______ car is his.

Q7.________ people are my friends.

Q8.___ plates are mine.

Q9.____ one would you like to buy?

Q10._____ Italy is a beautiful country.

Q11. I don't want ___ coffee, thank you.

Q12. _____ forest needs rain.

Q13. ____ dogs are allowed
in a restaurant kitchen.

Q14.___ people like football,
others don't.

Q15. The Sahara Desert is
___ biggest desert in ___ world.

Q16. ___ ice is cold.

Q17. I would like ____ shirt, please.

Q18.___ kind of food do you like?

Q19. ____ pen is this?

Q20.Some people like coffee,
_____ people like tea.

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