Prepositions of place quiz.

Choose the correct missing word in each sentence.

Q1. India is ___ Asia.

Q2. He is ___ the bank.

Q3. She is sunbathing ___ the beach.

Q4. I am sitting ___ the bus.

Q5. He is ___ the car on the way to London.

Q6. I passed him __ the corridor.

Q7. She is ___ the dining room.

Q8. Berlin is ___ Germany.

Q9. She is ___ the garden.

Q10. Are they ___ home?

Q11. He is not ___ work means he does not have a job.

Q12. Julie is sick ___ hospital.

Q13. George works ___ the hospital.

Q14. There are a lot of boats ___ the lake.

Q15. Our house is ___ Queen Street.

Q16. She is swimming ___ the river.

Q17. There is a boat race ___ the river today.

Q18. I am ___ the plane. We will land in ten minutes.

Q19. The big cruise ship can only sail ___ the sea.

Q20. The New Forest is ___ the South of England.

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