Prepositions of time quiz.

Choose the correct missing word in each sentence.

Q1. I was born ___ January.

Q2. He was born ___ 1980.

Q3. Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister of Great Britain ___ the 1980s.

Q4. I start my new job ___ Monday.

Q5. She is leaving here ____ two months time.

Q6. He flies to Kuwait ___ the tenth of March.

Q7. They have their dinner at seven o'clock ___ the evening.

Q8. I play tennis ___ the weekend.

Q9. She gets up at five o'clock ___ the morning.

Q10. I am going ___ holiday next week.

Q11. I stop work ___ four o'clock.

Q12. I go to bed ___ midnight

Q13. I will be more careful ___ future.

Q14. She can't sleep ___ night.

Q15. The sun is highest in the sky ___ noon.

Q16. I go swimming a lot ___ the holidays.

Q17. I like to spend time outside ___ summer.

Q18. I will be at my parents' house ___ Christmas.

Q19. I will be working late ___ the next two weeks

Q20. The weather will be cold ______ February.

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