Pronoun Quiz.

Choose the correct missing word in each sentence.

Q1. ___ like cheese.

Q2.I don't know ____ name.

Q3.___ is red.

Q4.They helped ____.

Q5.___ car is being fixed.

Q6.That car is ____.

Q7.I knew ____.

Q8.___ brother is older than me.

Q9.Is that _____ house?

Q10.____ are late.

Q11.This picture is ____.

Q12.I gave the newspaper to ___.

Q13.____ house is in New York.

Q14.___ likes football.

Q15.I'll call___ on Friday.

Q16.Tell _____ that I'm on my way.

Q17.That car is ____.

Q18.___ son is twenty years old.

Q19. We wash our car, but they don't wash_____.

Q20.I looked at your car.____ engine is fine.

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